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Our System

Our teaching staff has been recruited from all over the world and they have experience of all facets of the teaching profession. They are a highly experienced and talented group of teachers who will be able to help you settle into your teaching life at The Bohme English Academy.


We teach a wide variety of students, ranging from 1 year old babies with their mums or dads, through to retired-age people with everything in between! Our students are motivated to study English by a lot of different reasons: some need it for work (such as meeting overseas clients, corresponding with offices in other countries), some need it for their lifestyle (moving abroad, going on holiday etc) and some study for social reasons.

School Events

The school holds a range of social/special events throughout the school year. Every month there is a party for adult students where they are encouraged to attend and interact with our teachers/staff in a relaxed environment. We also have big kids events, such as our Hallowe’en fancy dress party and the Christmas party. Other special events for kids include a trip to the zoo in Nagoya & a day camp trip in summer.