Instructor Recruitment ▶ Contract/Benefit/Support


A full time instructor contract is a five-day workweek, 8 and a half hours per day. Teaching & lesson preparation are the main responsibilities of a full time teacher.


At The Bohme English Academy, there are four weeks holiday that are set. One week at new year, one week for Golden Week (end of April/beginning of May), one week for Obon (middle of August) and one week in November. The school is also relatively flexible when it comes to teachers requesting extra time off.

The working environment here is excellent. All classrooms are fully equipped with internet & multimedia tools. The classrooms are also packed with teaching resources, reference materials, course books, supplementary texts, flashcards and games for teachers to use.


The Bohme English Academy offers a competitive compensation package, based on the instructor`s experience and qualifications. Shared, staff housing is also available in the form of fully-furnished apartments. Key money and guarantors are not required.

Company Housing

Housing is available upon request.