Instructor Recruitment ▶ Comment from former teachers

I loved my year at The Bohme English Academy, it has been one of the best years of my life to date. It was like a second home when I arrived in Japan for my first teaching job. The schools are beautifully done, cosy and in great locations, with coffee always bubbling away. Very quickly the students and staff were like family to me. The staff and owners are very supportive and friendly to everyone and make all newcomers feel part of the school straight away. They took me on trips and showed me all the quirky restaurants and bars around the town (of which there are plenty!) and generally went out of their way to make my time in Japan a fantastic experience with memories to treasure forever. I used one of the school’s bikes to get around which was perfect for Ichinomiya as the town is not too big or too small – and I always felt safe. I cannot recommend the school highly enough!

Natalie Bishop / Manchester, England
The Bohme English Academy was the right school at the right time! Not only was my time there invaluable, but I have maintained a relationship with Akemi, the owner for years afterwards. The communication between the admin staff, students and teachers was second to none. The relaxed, intimate learning environment the school strives to maintain is the icing on the cake, and I always look forward to hearing news about the development of the school. The Bohme English Academy comes highly recommended!

Michael Cook / Brisbane, Australia
I really enjoyed teaching at The Bohme English Academy School! It was great to see the students having so much fun learning English! And how could I forget the monthly parties, the zoo trip, the Halloween parties, the cooking classes…I miss The Bohme English Academy!!!

Rose Brisbane / Melbourne, Australia
The Bohme English Academy was my first working experience in Japan. The owners took me under their wing and helped me in every way possible to enjoy and settle in Japan. The school quickly expanded under their stewardship and soon there were many of us “gaijin” teachers from all over the world. I was the first South African to work at Bohme and I met my first Canadians, Australians and Americans there. The camaraderie was great and we always had opportunity to socialize with the adult students. I made my first and strongest friends at Bohme, both Japanese and foreign. My memories include snowboarding expeditions, onsen visits, school parties (every western holiday), there is always something going on at The Bohme English Academy! it is a great place to work.

Georgina Read / Johannesburg, South Africa